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Problem With Use Me, Directly, and me in Marketing of Messages

Some authors and speakers have a big problem with these three words: I, directly, and I. Even very intellectual people have mixed them. Also it is a shame because when used incorrectly they resemble a huge sign on a stop in the middle of the message.
Readers who know distinction, will stop to read and absorb the message while they concentrate on this incorrectly used word. And when it is your marketing message, the result can be loss of incomes.
I understand that some do not care, and some will not notice. But when you have a marketing message to transfer, you want, that each reader has received that message. You do not wish to eliminate any of them.
Only this morning I have opened e-mail which included following instructions: “If you have any questions, please name me or…” It has forced me to groan.
Thus here the short textbook for beginners at use of these three general words.
Let’s begin with “I”. I – the subordinated pronoun. You use it, when you – an offer subject. “I leave soon.” “I should come back to work.” “I love you.” You never use it as object as in “children are going to go a dinner of the cook for my husband and me.”
Me object. “Please name me when the dinner is ready.” “You would restore it for me?” “Hand over to me that the book when you have finished with it.” “You are invited to go with Salli and me to the party.” “If you have a question, please name me.”
I and I are often mixed up, when you address to you to directly and other person. To solve, whether you should use the easiest way “I” or “me”, consists in taking out other person from the offer for an instant. About and when you postpone them in, remember that they go at first. Do not tell “me and Salli.” Were both rough and improper, it forces the offer to leave, it being represented “on avaricious Salli.”
As in offers above, it is a lot of authors and speakers by mistake would tell that “you are invited to go with Salli and me to the party.” If you simply take out Salli from a picture, it seems silly enough to tell, “Go with me.” And it is final, you would not tell that “children are going to go a dinner of the cook as I” or “It has restored a chair as I.”
The word, apparently, more often in the inadequate image is used by people who try to be ought too difficultly. Probably it – because it have told many times what roughly to tell “I” or “me”. Probably they only think “directly” more academic sounds. Irrespectively the reasons it does not belong in one of aforementioned offers.
The reflexive pronoun, the term which in general means nothing for any except the teacher of grammar is independent”. It means that you use it, when a subject and object – the same.
“I have gone to films one.” “I have restored the car independently.” “I have bought a gift for me directly.” “I am going to make a dinner for me directly.”
Other reflexive pronouns independently, directly, directly.
“That person speaks with itself.” “She has visited a meeting one.” “They sat in a corner.” “It held the opinion to herself.”
Reception of these words directly and their use will correctly go a long way to an explanation of your marketing messages to all who has read them. So occupy minute to consider your work before you will send it is and please do not ask, that anybody “Named me.”

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